Neveo Mosser Joins BisNow to Discuss the Return to the Golden City

November 1, 2021

Mosser Capital Chairman Neveo Mosser joined BisNow, a leading real estate industry publication, for their recent event, “The Return to the Golden City: Why Investors, Developers, Owners & AEC Professionals are Betting on San Francisco.” Alongside Oz Erickson, Founder & Chairman, Emerald Fund and Mark MacDonald, Principal, DM Development, Neveo spoke on a panel moderated by Alex Pugh, Partner, Lubin Olson, to discuss bringing people back to San Francisco.

Sharing his deep industry expertise, Neveo spoke about post-pandemic changes to business in light of fluctuations in rent and occupancy in Mosser buildings, but also to practices at Mosser that held true throughout the pandemic. For example, as the world shifted to work from home, Mosser employees continued going to the office providing essential services, so Mosser worked hard to maintain a strong team dynamic and keep the safety and satisfaction of residents as a top priority every day—all while the pandemic took its toll on the vibrancy of the Golden City. Everyone came together and went the extra mile to the maintain health and well-being for all.

As we enter the post-pandemic world, the real estate market is robust, Neveo observed. As Mosser continues to focus on revitalizing and maintaining older buildings in San Francisco, Neveo reiterated the company’s commitment to using the latest technology and environmentally friendly materials to keep residents housed in safe and comfortable homes.